The effects on sex and the sex drive are not generally considered when thinking through the consequences of traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or the early stages of dementia, but these brain conditions and many more can result in dramatic changes in the sex lives of those who suffer them. There has been surprisingly little research on how our brains control one of the most fundamental of all human behaviors: sex. And there is even less understanding of what happens to a person’s sexuality after injury or illness affects their frontal and temporal lobes.

In Sex in the Brain, Amee Baird explores memorable cases of brain injuries and disease that have effected significant changes in sexual behavior and reveals what these exceptional stories have to say about human sexuality. Each chapter includes striking personal accounts, many from individuals Baird has met in her clinical practice, of unexpected changes in sexuality. Until now these fascinating, frightening, and funny stories have been hidden in medical journals or untold outside of the clinical setting. This book offers unique insight into how the brain controls sex life.

Sex in the Brain (NewSouth Publishing September 2019, Columbia University Press, Feb 2020)

Music and Dementia: From Cognition to Therapy (Edited by Amee Baird, Sandra Garrido & Jeanette Tamplin, Oxford University Press, August 2019)

  • Comprehensive scope includes music therapy, music psychology, and clinical neuropsychology
  • Designed for academics, researchers, students, clinicians, caregivers, and people with lived experience of dementia
  • The go-to guide for understanding how and why music is beneficial for people living with dementia and those who care for them
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