How Our Brains Control Our Sex Life, from Studio 10

When injury or disease affects our brain, dramatic changes in the sexual behaviour and lives of those who suffer them can happen, and neuro-psychologist Dr Amee Baird has seen it all.

‘Sex in the Brain’ on ABC’s The Drum

Clinical neuropsychologist Dr Amee Baird will discuss her new book ‘Sex in the Brain’ on The Drum on ABC.

The sex life of brains

Links between sexual function and habits and disordered brain physiology were the focus of neuropsychologist Dr Amee Baird’s PhD.

Amee’s now in private clinical practice, and her patients are typically living with a brain injury, or a disease of the brain.

Our largest sexual organ: Amee Baird’s ‘Sex in the Brain’

“Where am I?” A young woman is lying in bed with her partner. They have just had sex. “Why am I here?” At first, he thinks she is joking, then he sees there are tears running down her face. She seems to know who she is, she is alert, not in pain. But she has no idea where she is or what has just happened. He calls an ambulance.

How responsible is your brain for your sex drive?

After years of research, it’s now clear that our libido is driven primarily by our brain.

Music brings memories back to the injured brain

In the first study of its kind, two researchers have used popular music to help severely brain-injured patients recall personal memories.

Listening to pop music could help people with severe brain injuries recall memories

People with brain injuries recall a similar number of memories when played a popular song released within their lifetime as those with no brain injury

Why Do the Songs from Your Past Evoke Such Vivid Memories?

Listening to music engages large scale neural networks across the entire brain.

Music of memory – All In The Mind

A heart-warming movement called Music & Memory is creating personalised music playlists for residents with dementia in nursing homes…

Music On The Brain

Could the soundtrack of your life bring back fading memories? Catalyst takes you inside an extraordinary new program…

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